Friday, July 25, 2008

Two Week Check-up and Dentist Day for the Boys

This last Tuesday was my two week mark for my tonsils so mom and I headed to McCook to let the doctors have a look. The doc told me that I am 90% healed and to give it 5 more days till I tried "normal" food again. Yay! I am so excited to eat again I've missed my food and eating habits. He asked me if there was anything that I had been craving and I made him laugh when right away I answered "french fries" he said that those were things that I would want to stay away from until I was completely healed due to the salt, grease and stuff, I was bummed. Then Thursday I had to take the boys to the dentist. I thought it was great because for once this summer I wasn't having anything done to me, it was a very nice feeling, the boys on the other hand didn't think so. We had an awesome day! Usually when we are together all day we end up wanting to strangle one or both of them but surprisingly we all had a really good time. When mom got home from work she was shocked to hear all three of us laughing together and not angry with someone. Hopefully we can have more days like that one!

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charlie said...

YAY!!! You have a blog! Welcome to the "blog"!
It is good to have good days with your brothers and not want to kill them or vice~versa!